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What is Pyrethrum and is it safe?
Please see our Chemicals page describing how Pyrethrum works. Our insecticide is BIODEGRADABLE AND NONTOXIC TO ALL WARM BLOODED ANIMALS. The chemical we spray is the most widely used in the United States today. It is approved by the EPA for use as an outdoor spray on and around homes, patios, and tennis courts, pool areas, beach houses, dog kennels, horse barns, zoo animals quarters, etc.

Can the system be installed around my pool and yard?
Yes, we can install the spray nozzles on fences, trees, or anywhere were there is a need. And in most cases we can install nozzles around your dog pens keeping them safe.

Will it control Red Wasps and Spiders?
Many of our customers live in rural areas and recreational lakes where red wasps and spiders are a major problem. It will control over 200 different types of insects.

Do you offer a warranty on the system?
Our One Year Warranty is second to none and covers all parts and labor.

What are the benefits of having a system like this?
  • It's completely automatic and controls the insects population 24/7
  • It is the most effective way to control insects outdoors
  • Controls the insects that carry disease.
  • Eliminates time and labor expense of hand spraying
  • It is safe for all warm blooded animals
  • We do all the work regarding the maintenance and servicing
What areas do you service?
Our territory covers all parishes in Northern Louisiana and from East Texas to Mississippi.

Are you required to have a State License?
Yes, we are Licensed and Registered by the State of Louisiana. Each year we must complete a recertification process which is governed by the LOUISIANA DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE & FORESTRY to maintain our License. It is mandatory that we carry our identification card with us at all times. Our ID is available upon request.

Does your company carry insurance?
Yes, we do and we can supply you with the Certificate of Insurance upon request.

Are you a member of any related organizations?
We are proud members of the Home Builders Association of Northeast Louisiana.
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